Traditional Diamonds

Buying a diamond can be very daunting, with so much information available online it leaves us with so many questions. The GIA is a non-profit organization dedicated to Diamond and Gem education and it's an amazing resource for us.  


Choose a Diamond Right for You!

All of our traditional diamonds are brought in on as needed basis.

Natural or Laboratory Grown Diamonds are researched for every individual's aesthetic and budget.

And always quoted to the day's market price.

Understanding a traditional diamond -

How do all of these anatomical features impact on a diamond's appearance?

The brillancy of a diamond is completely dependant on the precision of how each facet is cut. For optimum light return all the angles and facet sizes need to be in harmony to create a perfect light prism, and you should be able to see a rainbow spectrum within the diamonds as the light bounces back from all the different facets in the diamond like a beautiful choreography.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the custom process take?

The timeline for the project can be adapted according to your needs, typically the process takes 3-5 weeks from the time of final design approval.

Can I buy the diamond and set it on a simple setting for the proposal, and set up a design appointment later?

Absolutely, we often advise to do just that, especially if you are nervous about design choices. We can mount the diamond in a simple yet elegant 4 prong 14K gold ring ready for you to pop the big question. Then we will welcome you and your special person back to the office for a design consultation and a glass of champagne whenever you are ready.

The $500 deposit for the presentation mounting will be credited towards the final design.

Is custom design affordable?

In short, yes!

We design around your budget from the outset always making sure you stay in your budget. Typically we see an average cost of $1870 on our bridal customs.

When will you start the project?

Physical work on your jewelry will commence once a final design approval has been issued and a 50% deposit has been paid.

Do you work with Lab Grown Diamonds?

Yes! Lab Grown Diamonds are always disclosed on our quotes and on paperwork.

We love lab grown diamonds they are not only budget friendly but also environmentally friendly as most of our partners are nearly 100% carbon neutral manufacturers working towards sustainability in our industry.

Can I use my own gold?

As much as we would love to say yes, processing the gold is costly and the savings you would have from metal cost is often offset by the cost of labor in processing the gold.

Do you remodel heirloom diamond jewelry?

Yes we do, and we love working with heirloom jewelry.

Part of a redesign is honouring the original piece, its purpose and the special bond between family members and the piece.

Jewelry is extremely personal, and often the only item we wear 100% of the time. Often when we think of the people we love we remember the jewelry they wore so its always good to make absolutely sure that you are ready for a change.

The remodel project is a slightly longer process as all the stones need to inspected before we even begin to talk about design.

We try not take the jewelry apart until the very last moment after production has began. (Some stones may need to be removed for precise measuring)

For your peace of mind the pricing of the redesign includes a valuation and a detailed description through an independent party before removing any stones from the heirloom piece and another valuation after the piece is completed.

If you are ready to see us for a heirloom remodel we would love to welcome you to our office in the heart of downtown Denver and talk about your design direction.

What if my partner doesn't like the ring?

We would say this the number 1 fear when it comes to custom jewelry design and as much as it is a possibility, it rarely happens.

Subtle things you can do to make sure of choosing the right style direction:

* Pinterest and Instagram is an amazing resource

* Talking to their family and closest friend can also help you in defining the perfect ring style

If you are really not sure of what the design should be its ok, this is a big desision and we can always mount the diamond in a simple setting for your proposal and then book you and your special person a design appointment so that you can design the perfect ring together.

We are happy to help you on your journey to the perfect ring.

Why do you charge a $200 nonrefundable deposit on custom consultations?

All deposits are as credited towards the final price of the project.

The $200 goes towards the consultation with the designer, the CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings and images which is the first design draft emailed to you. This also covers the 3D printed resin version of the project which gets mailed to you for final approval prior to production.

Shipping outside the USA

We are happy to do so, please contact us so we can give you a shipping quote.

How to choose a diamond? What to look for?

Buying a diamond can be overwhelming -

I remember my first day working at an intership for a diamond buyer at the Jewellery Quarter - (Birmingham, UK) I knew nothing, felt like a fish out of water and all the information I was given meant nothing to me.

Here are a few helpful tips I learnt through my career:

* Diamond cut is everything - this is what allows the gem to become a perfect light prism.

* Not all inclusions are bad - there are very few diamonds on earth that are internally flawless (IF) and with the naked eye you will not be able to see inclusions in a diamond from IF through to VS2 grade.

* Matching diamonds is not always easy so apart from Color, Clarity and Ct make sure your table % and Depth% matches closely.

* You will not see the difference between D-E-F with the naked eye, without the proper light and color matching equipment its very difficult to see the difference.

* Cheap diamonds are cheap for a reason - carefully read the description for any inclusions on the certificate, look out for inclusions called Indented Naturals (part of the original rough diamond’s surface that drops below the surface of the polished diamond) specially on the edge (girdle) of a diamond. This characteristic can become a potential hazard as this natural dip actually looks like a small chip on the diamond and is a weak point.

*Lab Grown diamonds are amazing- their cost per ct makes a bigger look very affordable, they are carbon neutral made with sustainable resources, we can use it as the main center stone or as small as 0.8mm on the shank of your ring.

I hope this is helpful to you, if you would like help looking for your perfect diamond, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the warranty on your jewelry?

We offer a 1 year warranty on the jewelry we manufacture. This covers any manufacturing issues.

The warranty does not cover accidental damage or wear and tear. We recomend every client contact their insurance or set an insurance policy as soon as the purchase is made.

Jewelers Mutual is a go to recommendation for many jewelers, if the limits on your home or renters insurance does not cover your new purchase.

Jewelers Mutual are not affiliated with Guarascio Jewellers

Do you do repairs?

Yes we do, In our head quater location in Denver, Colorado.

For non Guarascio Jewelry items we do not accept mailed/shipped in repairs, as item conditions are unknown.

If we are repairing an item that is not made by us, we will ask you the following questions:

#Does the item have a warranty by the manufacturer or jeweler? (Always check with the original jewelers).

#Do you know the repair history of the item?

#When ad where was it last repaired?

Quotes- you will be quoted the repair value before works takes place.

Quotes needs to be approved in writting before the work takes place and paid in full at the time of collection.

*Prices quoted are industry standard*